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zirkumflex / Tiempo Muerto

Tiempo Muerto

Tiempo Muerto (Dead Time) Magazine, an editorial project by Juan Pablo Macias made in collaboration with Zirkumflex and the curator Emily Barsi.

The publication has two functions: To serve as a retrospective survey of the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir (one of the main anarchist resources in Mexico) and the events generated around its eviction in 2009 ; and to serve as a statement and record of the economical strategies which were used with the aim of buying a house to host This library in Mexico City.

Closed size: 297×420 mm
Circulation: 1 000 copies
Pages: 20
Print: B&W on recycled paper
Languages: English, spanish, Italian

Editor: Juan Pablo Macías
Art Direction & design: Zirkumflex
Translations: Emily Barsi, Lauara Cazzaniga, Ilaria Distante, Juan Pablo Macías, Massimo Mazzone, Mariella Quarantelli
Publisher: Emily Barsi and Juan Pablo Macías
Illustrations: Raissa Pardini
Cover & photographs: Juan Pablo Macías
12th November 2009 • Photographic documentation of an anarchist library seven months after an eviction. (Photographs commissioned to Hernaín Bravo)