Tiempo Muerto

Tiempo Muerto (Dead Time) Magazine, an editorial project by Juan Pablo Macias made in collaboration with Zirkumflex and the curator Emily Barsi.

The publication has two functions: To serve as a retrospective survey of the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir (one of the main anarchist resources in Mexico) and the events generated around its eviction in 2009 ; and to serve as a statement and record of the economical strategies which were used with the aim of buying a house to host This library in Mexico City.

Closed size: 297×420 mm
Circulation: 1 000 copies
Pages: 20
Print: B&W on recycled paper
Languages: English, spanish, Italian

Editor: Juan Pablo Macías
Art Direction & design: Zirkumflex
Translations: Emily Barsi, Lauara Cazzaniga, Ilaria Distante, Juan Pablo Macías, Massimo Mazzone, Mariella Quarantelli
Publisher: Emily Barsi and Juan Pablo Macías
Illustrations: Raissa Pardini
Cover & photographs: Juan Pablo Macías
12th November 2009 • Photographic documentation of an anarchist library seven months after an eviction. (Photographs commissioned to Hernaín Bravo)