Ja, Ich Will! Cards

By Julia Krahn

A complement of the installation that took place in Zirkumflex, the edition “JA, ICH WILL!” is a collection of nine small cards inspired by holy cards.

Originally produced for use by the faithful, these holy cards are a series of pictures that question social values and individual spirituality by using religious visual codes. They engage in a private relationship with their bearer, like a picture of a loved one kept in a wallet. The opposite sides contain words written by the artist.

The project is made up of two parts:

  • “Ja, Ich Will!” edition is a series of nine cards in packaging.

  • an exhibition in Zirkumflex’s space, October 8 to November 12, 2010.

Ja, Ich Will! has been published in 500 copies.

Language: Italian, German, English
Print: Full Colour Offset on 400 gr cardboard
Items: 9
size: 55 × 85 mm
Finishing: Two side glossy cello, rounded corners

printed in Germany, © Zirkumflex, october 2010