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zirkumflex / BotoxCloud



28 January – 26 February 2011

BOTOXCLOUD exhibition consists in:
• An Interactive Installation
A Paper Model Special Edition

SAQ has developed a reactive modular lighting system which propagates like cloud structures mimicking the complexity of weather patterns. This project is an extension of the exploration of architectural pluralism SAQ first began in their Bikini Berlin project, which began construction in January 2011. SAQ as a studio is involved in a long-standing search to express a plural or probabilistic architecture using design as a device to understand the complexities in our surrounding world.

The installation is like a constellation of 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzles published in a limited edition which reacts to human presence. The print acts as a spatial extension of the installation, distilling the complexity of forms into a comprehensible package. Thus creating a deeper level of interaction and understanding between architecture and inhabitant.

The project was organized in partnership with Chromolux and Zumtobel on the occasion of the first edition of DAS weekend and Transmediale 2011